Apple Tree Lament



 I have been reluctantly convinced that I need to be bringing this wonderful new compilation album to your attention. I say "reluctantly" because I am if I'm completely honest a little embarrassed. Not by the compilation, but by the outpouring of love that went into creating it. "Pressing Matters" is a fabulous compilation album that's been put together by what can only be described as a host of bands and artists who wanted to pay their respects to, well, me. Released as a surprise to tie in with my birthday earlier this month, it was assembled completely without my knowledge by my good friend and colleague Simon Lewis, on his Apple Tree Lament imprint via Bandcamp. 

Simon says:

I am very happy to announce a new benefit compilation, designed to raise money to help with the production of The Terrascopaedia, a hand made bespoke magazine that is a labour of love for its creator Phil McMullen. An expensive thing to produce but a worthwhile endeavour. Nineteen tracks of quality music from artists that could well feature in the magazine [in future - many have already!]. Keep art alive and help if you can.

And the featured artists are:
Good Shepherd - Sunrise 04:47
Trappist Afterland - The Man Who Bended Time 05:05
Songs of Blood and Bone - Twa Corbies 05:09
Insect Factory - Green 13:35
Pefkin - Leaves Rustle and the Wind on my Face 05:09
Loner Deluxe - Follow Fall 04:55
Tangle Edge - Cascading Acherusia 10:24
Allysen Callery - We Float Down the River 02:11
The Kitchen Cynics - Farm Lads 06:14
Sharron Kraus - Something Out Of Nothing (live) 03:42
Cubs - Time Slowly Melts Away (live) 02:16
The Electric Nature - Hollow Earth Hollow Mind 05:05
United Bible Studies - Poison Beer 02:58
Alison O'Donnell - Come Unto Me 04:56
The Phoenix Cube - A Study In Undulation 11:10
Moongazing Hare - Wild Nothing 05:39
Alphane Moon - Into Fields 08:23
David Colohan - Halation 04:17
Blue Lily Commission - Electric Steppes Part 2 16:11

This is currently available exclusively digitally via Bandcamp. 

Here's the all important link:

Best wishes and thanks as ever for your support,

Phil "mr.analogue" McMullen