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elcome to the first Rumbles of 2019. It now feels very much like spring is in the air. It seems to me that there may never been a better time for independent musicians to make music, in home studios, using pro tools, etc, the breadth of music sent in remains as broad as ever, I would like to thank all the labels and artists who have submitted their music into us here at rumbles.

The rumbles section has introduced me to some fine music; some of the stuff that might have fallen through the cracks has been highlighted in this column throughout the years. Anyway we have some fine records to read all about and hopefully listen to! I’ll hand you over to the acclaimed novelist and musician Steve Palmer to guide us through some of the releases which may have flown under your radar over the last few months.

Cat’s Game by Dylan Rodrigue matches acoustic songsmithery with a drums/bass/keyboards format in the production of an album which lies somewhere between youthful indie sounds, and something more mature and restrained. Opener ‘White Moon’ is an elegant and tuneful, ‘Self-Love’ is similarly melodic, whereas ‘The Money Game’ brings in distorted vocals and a much faster pace – kind of like an early REM sound. Later songs keep the rock format, with perhaps a hint of Neil Young in the arrangements – ‘Minimize The Damage’ especially. Album closer ‘Living In Colour’ is acoustic and keening, and, like a lot of the rest of the album, deals with emotionally intense material. This is music from the heart, and, I suspect, from personal experience. The standard of music and vocals is consistently high.


Emotion Machine by Emotion Machine is strange, eerie electronic music with real and processed vocals. The project of Paula Rae Gibson and Kit Downes, its opening track ‘Still’ sounds like a long lost Jon Hassel piece with vocals: atmospheric, spooky. A smoky evening piano arrives for the second cut, bringing a jazz feel (double bass sound too), while ‘Love On Time’ follows the same format. The jazz elements to this album are strong on ‘If You Are Me,’ probably my favourite track. The sound-world does stay the same throughout the album, but at the right time of day that would be just right; perhaps the Witching Hour.


Mary Queen Of Scots on their album Beachy Head Here I Come offer a curious little collection of indie-sounding lo-fi pop with dual male/female vocals. Whether the whimsical, almost naïve sound is what the band wanted to project is a question for them, but the innocence of a band starting out is nicely evoked by the curiously wobbly vocals and timing variations. The songs are all quite slow and melancholy (lots of minor keys), with ‘Lyle Lovett On The Radio’ being the perfect example; there’s a sort of mournful beauty to this one. Other highlights include ‘Dateline International’ and ‘Lost In Space’. I’m not sure who this album is aimed at though, which is a shame, as it does have its charms.


Beginners by Angus McOg is the project of Italian traveller and muso Antonio Tavoni, presenting the listener with a combination of prog instrumentation and rock sounds. The opener ‘Laika’ is anthemic, yet with a curiously homespun feel, owing a lot I think to the acoustic elements. The vocals are a bit of an acquired taste, but they do work in the context of their own music. I particularly liked the closing trio of songs, ‘Beginners,’ ‘Cold Sand’ and ‘Chanting Mime Hands’ which almost work as a tryptich; great instrumentation, with the orchestra adding that little bit extra, and all beautifully produced. Rock fans and prog fans would get a lot out of this release I think.


On the self-titled album by Wilkerson (one Danny Wilkerson) the mood is retro and the vibe is kinda ELO, certainly with regard to the opener ‘Everybody Loves To Love.’ In the melodic structures and arrangements I was immediately reminded of Duncan Maitland, and, therefore, of Pugwash. But this is original stuff, of course. The production is busy and in places manically busy, but, again, this does work by and large. Highlights in this rollercoaster of an album include ‘Enough For Somebody’ and ‘Too Much Of A Good Thing,’ which for cheeky Rhodes-based tunesmithery almost out-Pugwashes Pugwash. Excellent stuff. ‘Comes In Waves’ carries a great tune with a lovely vocal: Wilkerson has the talent and voice to carry this. A good album, if a little too busy in places, but which for fans of melodic rock will be a very nice discovery.


Kersbergen & Janisch is an album of electronica based around sampled acoustic instruments – piano and cello for instance – with more esoteric sounds over the top. The main track occupies a quarter of this short album, adding a sampled shenai to bring world vibes. The mood is ambient, with the lack of information on the CDR adding to the sense of mystery. Drones on later cuts compete with skreeling electronic noises and deep cello scrapes. Enigmatic.



Different Planet by London-based psych outfit Deep Cut is a kind of harmony vocal saturated look back to trippy times, full of jangling guitars and Motown drums. Main man Mat Flint (formerly of Revolver) sounds a little like The Charlatans’ singer Tim Burgess, to great effect. Opening cut ‘No’ has it all: pop hooks, nice instrumentation, retro vibe. ‘Still Counting’ is more of a garage rock piece, while ‘Washed Up’ returns to the washes of harmony vocals. Very nice sound. ‘Spiralling’ brings it a little more up to date with its sampled drum beat sounding a little like Stereo MCs, while ‘Sharp Tongues’ is the Indian-travelling song, albeit with punky bass and keening, stretched-out vocals. The title track is a mash-up of the garage feel and the 90s rhythm track. Some vocals are male, some female, which is a nice touch, and when the two join and harmonised the stacks of vocals are terrific. An enjoyable album with lots of variety. Great listening, this one.


Twin Powers Vol III from Feu Robertson and Vitaphone is a dual project for the Partycul System label, here created for a 12” vinyl release. The Feu Robertson tracks sound a bit like an alternate world Fall collaborating with John Cooper Clarke; non-conformist, yes, and with lots of words. The Vitaphone offering is a single twenty minute piece of work which after an extended instrumental build-up morphs into a werd barrage of sound and vocals, which comes across like a William Burroughs cut-up of distant melody and spoken/sung words. Pretty strange. On the same label comes the “Cyclotron +3” compilation Ultima Triplex, celebrating the label’s twentieth anniversary, whose highlights are: 4tRECk (fairy-ground psych of loops); Immaterial Possession (haunting goth-rock); chevo légé (ambient sampledelica); Oui Mais Non (dreamy rock instrumental); and Xela Zaid (minimalist rippling instrumental).


Seven years ago I reviewed a rather fine little offering from Ric Kemper with three tracks of half spoken, half sung music. Three years later I reviewed his album “Electric Rooms” which was also rather good. Now comes a new offering, Cursus, which has a distinctly bluesy feel: E/A/B chords, blues harmonica, and, indeed, a song about the blues. The man’s lazy, melancholy voice is in fine form here, with the opening two cuts both excellent. ‘Twilight’ is rather weird, while on ‘Radio Blues’ the guitar playing comes to the fore. ‘Driving West’ is inimitably Kemper, his voice somehow off and on the music at once, while ‘Another World’ continues the overdriven gee-tar feel. Album closer ‘Cursus’ matches beautifully recorded acoustic guitars with a slow, yet heavy feel. I hope Ric won’t mind me calling his work slightly shambolic, even lo-fi in places, but I mean that in the best possible sense, in that, through natural inclination and via his wavering, yet sincere vocals, he manages to bring a unique English quirkiness to his music, which is very appealing. Check him out, and you might get sucked into his world…


King Cobra by The Senior Service opens with what I can only describe as a homage to The Stranglers via some kind of alternate mariachi band conducted by Ennio Moricone… I think that covers all bases. This is music which seeks to evoke film soundtrack instrumentals. The brass quotient is high, the production very professional, the guitars suitably twangy. Listening to this you’re plunged into the 1960s and 1970s via some clever musicology. My main problem with the album as a whole is that it all sounds pretty much the same. Perhaps these are soundtracks from the same film. Good fun, then, but a curiously empty listen.


Angstparade by stoner/doom band Daemon’s Child is German metal with shouty vocals, heavy bass, heavy drums, and sludgy guitars which also are quite heavy. If you like the sound of shouty vocals, heavy bass, heavy drums, and sludgy guitars which also are quite heavy, then this is for you. It would probably help if you understood the German language.


Thank you very much for those insights Steve....

I have received a split cassette featuring Jacken Elswyth/Sproatly Smith - ‘Betwixt & Between’ Jacken is London based musician who plays the banjo, she draws on the old-time Appalachian style of songs and accompanies these with drones and improvisations. This is the third release on the label and features on her side four compositions. ‘Glory in the Meeting House’, ‘Improvisation on Sweet Lemeny’, ‘Last Chance/ Sandy river Belle’, and ‘Improvisation’. Jacken also accompanies her banjo playing with shruti box drones on these dance tunes and improvisations. The other side is given over to Herefordshire’s Sproatly Smith who duly deliver a 15 minute song called ‘Vichai’, in their typically eclectic style they take in a touch of Hawaiian slide guitar, wooden flutes, samples of ghostly gospel songs, owl-calls and ringing bells, to create a pleasing piece of music. A few copies of this series of cassettes, CDR’s and prints are still available from £5.00 each from https://betwixtbetweentapes.bandcamp.com/.

Jacken has also just put out another cassette which is a split release with Quinie, they share a side each just like the previous cassette, jacken’s side consists of four banjo pieces plus a venture into English folk-songwith a recording of ‘The Banks Of Green Willow’ which was made in a filed in Herefordshire. On the Quinie side is a set of songs on which we have bells whistles and percussion, interspersed with ready drones, Quinie is joined by Gordon Bruce and Tom Merewether.

Kadonnut Manner – The First Train to Kajanaland # (Finnish Primitive Guitar, Volume 2).  Out now, on Creative Class War Records. For fans of American primitive guitarists, I can heartily recommend a new CD by Finland’s Kaddonnut Manner, the project of Finland’s Lauri Manner, an exceptional guitarist who has studied Basho, Fahey and also modern guys such as Jack Rose and Glenn Jones. The album is purely instrumental with finger picked steel strung guitars being the order of the day. This is Lauri’s second album after releasing a tape in a miniscule run at the beginning of 2017. Kadonnut Manner means Lost Continent, a description that Lauri says is the way he feels about being European and a human being in 2018, it feels as if the whole civilization seems to be sinking into the ocean and the only way he can keep calm, is to play these intricate finger picked guitar tunes. There are songs influenced by evil creatures, short stories, poems and the Finnish landscapes feature prominently, there is some crystalline playing, some beautiful compositions and unusual tunings on display. This record would sit very nicely in the Kicking Mule discography and if you have enjoyed the recent albums by Michael Chapman and William Tyler, then I’m sure that you will enjoy this fine record. It’s available from kaddonnutmanner.bandcamp.com.

Dylan Walshe - All Manner of Ways. Available on CD.  This is a self released album by an Irishman who has relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. This is Dylan’s second album (the first being a live recording) and is firmly in the singer-songwriter category, containing as it does a nice blend of Irish and Americana music. On first listen I immediately picked up a touch of The Waterboys (if they were from the states), we get dobro’s and fiddles, bowed double bass, acoustic guitars, steel guitar, accordion and electric guitars. Of particular note is the fiddle which is played beautifully throughout by John Mailender, and given prominence on the majority of the songs. Dylan has an appealing whisky soaked voice, and the lyrics of an Irish poet, I’m reminded of Terry Clarke another transplanted Irishman, this time one that made his home in Austin, Texas. Dylan has surrounded himself with a mix of Irish and American musicians, such as Andy Gibson from Hank Williams 111 who plays some lovely Steel guitar on ‘Luck is a Begger, Luck is a King’, and James Fearnley of the Pogues who contributes Accordion on a couple of tracks. He has been heartily endorsed by Christy Moore who said of him “He is a wordsmith & a fair chanter, it does my heart good to hear him sing”. He has also paid his dues, playing support to a number of greats like Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Bobby Bare, Peter Rowan and The Blasters. I enjoyed the album a lot and feel that with enough exposure could do well for him. Available from dylanwalshe.bandcamp.com

Opel - Sand And Stone Suite. Available on CD.  Opel were a two piece band, consisting of guitarist Warren Wilson and singer Claire Colley.  They recorded an EP plus an album of psych folk flavoured tunes in the mid to late nineties. This is a collection of their songs that were either unreleased or are different versions but with four new songs dating from 2018. Bookended by two versions of the title track ‘Sand and Stone, it is an interesting album which would appeal to fans of acid folk, in fact the band refers to their music as wicker rock. These versions are quite different in their readings the first being a raw acoustic demo. On ‘She Don’t Care’ I’m reminded of Meg Baird from Espers. They also do a fine job on ‘She Smiles’, the Spirit song on the album ‘The Family That Plays Together’. ‘Running Ghost’, is a beautiful ghostly ballad with barely there instrumentation. In fact we are halfway through the record and so far it’s all so very fragile. Things do pick up with the next song ‘Most Important Days’ which adds organ/ keyboards and features double tracked vocals. ‘Dreamer’ is about the most rock they get, it features skittering drums and electric guitar with a wah wah effect, before it explodes into some mighty unexpected rifferama before settling down again for a few beats and the song repeats and fades, nice. ‘Believer’ slows things down with a mainly acoustic song; it was one of the bands first songs and here sees a 2018 reinterpretation. The record ends with their 2018 version of the title track with added organ and electric guitars, this was briefly available in the run up to Fruits de Mer Records 16th dream event (as were a couple of others on the album).  The record is available in an edition of 40 copies from Reverb Worship reverbworship.com  

The Ego Ritual E.P CD on Kool Kat Music www.koolkatmuik.com. This is the debut release by new UK psychedelic/alternative rock band The Ego Ritual which consists of James Styring: vocals, William James Ward: all guitars and Gaz Wilde: drums. It’s a pretty decent stab at psychedelic flavoured rock with a few Eastern flavours; there is even a touch of power pop and paisley underground. The cover art is by Mick Dillingham and Marc Lacey. The first of the four tracks starts with a catchy song entitled ‘Chakra Maraca’ which sounds like 1967; it begins with a sitar, has some excellent guitar solos and rocks along nicely. ‘Ten Points for the Red Star’ also has some blistering guitars, thundering drums and a mystical trippy middle section. ‘Serenade the Ley Line’ is a shake your money maker groover, much crunchy rifferama. The four track EP ends with ‘Days Of Set’ a sea shanty, all spangled guitar lines, urgent vocals, adrift on a tempestuous sea, crashing drums and crashing waves and plenty of classic guitar solos move things along nicely, all in all its a good introduction to a promising new psych rock band.

The Quietened Village - A year In the Country. Various Artists CD. This is a reissue of the 2016 album with new accompanying notes by the contributors, a revised track listing, three previously unreleased tracks and a new badge, sticker and print designs. We lose David Colohan and add in The Heartwood Institute, Field Lines Cartographer and Pulselovers.

Here is the original review by Simon Lewis in 2016 https://www.terrascope.co.uk/Reviews/Reviews_May_16.htm#QuietVillage. And here is a link to where you can order this sumptuous new edition, which in keeping with the label is available in two editions Dawn Light and a Nightfall boxset, find it @ www.ayearinthecountry.co.uk

The Chris White Experience - (Volume One).  Chris White of the Zombies has just released an album of songs which date from 1976 onwards. The Zombies are due to inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame later this month. Chris was the man responsible for writing over half of the seminal Odessey And Oracle which he also co produced. Here is a highly melodic album featuring Colin Blunstone, Matthew Fisher, Tim Renwick, Rod Argent, Russ Ballard, Jim Rodford and John Verity. Some of the highlights are the opener ‘Why Can’t You Lie To Me’, with breathy vocals by Colin Blunstone ‘Good For You Darling’ featuring some lovely fluid guitar from Tim Renwick. ‘Ride On The Wind’ with John Verity. ‘Taking The Wings From Butterflies’ again featuring Colin Blunstone and ‘Like A Shotgun’ featuring Maggie Ryder on vocals. All in all this is a highly melodic album, one which is a welcome addition to the story of one of England’s finest bands of the sixties.      www.thechriswhiteexperience.com

Dali Mraz – Level 25. Composer and Drummer Dali from the Czech Republic has a new album on which he is joined by 20 musicians from all around the globe. On the album he hopes to demonstrate the transition from childhood to adulthood. Well, the level of musicianship on this album is truly staggering, I think that all of the contributors are well respected in their fields and are all basically virtuosos. Russian keyboard player extraordinaire Valeriy Stepanov is probably the most well known, he is joined by master guitarists Martin Miller, Mike Gotthard and Lawrence Linea. Bass players Frederico Malaman, Romain Labaye and Junior Ribeiro Braguinha plus another four! The sounds range from Jazz rock through to progressive rock, a few light classical tropes appear and the drumming of album creator Dali is just off the scale, the album is a gem. Opener “November” sets the scene with a kind of Larry Carlton on steroids type tune, the percussion is playful, the bass funky, plus the fluid guitar solos are highly accomplished.  “atoN” has some terrific piano playing. “Attack” sounds like a very funky version of late Soft Machine, all tricksy time changes. “Friend” calms things down with a lovely piano led piece. “You Know” is as deep as an ocean, yet remains quite playful.  The celebratory “21” rocks like a bastard, I’m getting Allan Holdsworth and the kind of stuff Stomu Yamashita was putting out in the early seventies, in other words very progressive. And so it goes “In My Mind” sees them tackle progressive jazz rock in style. “Without Noise” is a calming elegiac tune which works well in breaking up the onslaught. “32nd Notes To Mraz” is a song where they through in everything bar the kitchen sink. The album ends with “Ehm..Just..”, a tonal piece that is complex, melodious and cathartic. For once as a reviewer I feel that I am not worthy of reviewing this astonishing piece of music. www.dalimraz.com

Bones And Theaft – Mickey.  Based on the poems of One Shoe Mickey, and available as a combined book and CD. John Bentley vocals and words is joined by Ian Mckean: guitars and keyboards, Admiral Lord Biscuit: drums, Arthur Bentley: Alto Saxophone and Bird Radio: flute and keyboards. This is a song novella of poetry detailing the life and times of Mickey who lives in a cardboard box on the streets of south London. He brain is scrambled but his heart is pure. He spends his day collecting odd gloves which he hangs up hoping to find its other half but also on a quest to find the one true glove reputed to be lost somewhere in the ancient and mythical city of London. We have ten mainly spoken word songs, during which we are introduced into Mickey’s world. There are Songs about squashed snails and his attempt to glue back their shells/homes “Snails”.  We have songs about the police, and the people that they have to deal with in a typical 24 hour day “Coppers”. A heartfelt song about a nurse who has to sleep on the floor,  because her disabled sister uses the only bed! “The Little Nurse”.  A song that sounds awfully like the spoken word section of Parklife by Blur entitled “Dirty Jobs”, basically detailing all the jobs that no one wants to do, here is a snippet “We got unpaid volunteers digging graves for the refugees who never made it. Drrowned in the wide ocean, mis-sold a sponge filled life jacket, to go with the hopeless notion.  A song about a character called “Mutt And Jeff” who is indeed, as deaf as a post.  It ends with “The Camberwell Road” which details one of Mickey’s daily trudges; it’s a well observed song that is both beautiful and sad. https://bonesandtheaft.bandcamp.com/album/mickey.  Also out on the same label is Bones & The Aft/ Bird Radio - You’ve Been Kind on hand made limited edition vinyl complete with booklet featuring lyrics and artwork. This album documents a tour out to fans homes and gardens to play various songs asking no fee but a pass the hat arrangement, as a special thank you they made up a song for each of these houses; using the same line up as before. A lot of the songs feature the flute playing of Bird Radio which lend the songs a nice vibe, plenty of crunchy electric guitars, a punkish attitude and songs with titles such as Eeldogs, Tectonic Plates, Garway Hill and the title track You’ve Been Kind. This album has been hand made with love and is heartfelt. A Liver And Lights Production www.bonesandtheaft.bandcamp.com

Emily Fairlight – Mother Of Gloom. Here is the debut album by Emily who hails from Australia, lives in New Zealand but recorded this album in Austin, Texas. The band consists of Emily: vocals and acoustic guitar. Doug Walseth: Acoustic and electric guitar and bass. Andrew Bain: bass. Cully Symington: drums. Austin Smith: violin. Rob Bernard: banjo and Kullen Fuchs: trumpet, accordion, omnichord and vibraphone. It is an assured debut that sits squarely in the females with highly distinctive vocals bag, she has a distinct warble to her voice. On first impression I’m reminded of Jesse Sykes, Lucinda Williams and Cat Power. “Body Below” is an excellent opening song, just the right amount of gloom and hanging strings. “Drag The Night In” follows and is also a very strong song, shades of Mary Margaret O’Hara. “Water, Water” is another fine song, dripping with country noir. The more upbeat styling of “Time’s Unfaithful Wife” helps disperse the gloom a little but really it’s a song about the marching of time and how it slips like sand through the fingers. “Sinking Ship” has some lonesome whistling and a martial beat. “The Bed” is reminiscent of Calexico, probably due to the trumpet and drifting accordion. “Loneliest Place” really is a bit too much gloom, even for me, it again has accordion and trumpet. The album ends with the short but stately violin accompanied “Breathe Baby, Breathe” an exquisite chamber folk piece. Find it at www.occultation.co.uk it’s a joint release with Fishrider Records www.fishriderrecords.com.

Misty Lane records from Italy have just repressed their Circles End LP “18 Dutch Folk Pop Dreams Vol 1” which featured some truly obscure Dutch folk pop songs from various artists, most of whom may have only issued a single or two whilst they were active. The date of these songs, range from 1968 through to 1973. It was initially released in December 2018 in an edition of 500 which sold out in the blink of an eye. Featuring little known artists, such as; Jon Wyce, Richard Neal, Fon Klement, Double You, The Marigold, Linda Christine and Judith Angela, amongst others. This is an excellent folk/psych release which you now have another chance to get hold of, highly recommended. www.mistylanemusic.com

Also out on the same label are a couple of 7” vinyl singles.  First a new, old Twink single, on which he re records his classic “10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box”. This dates from 1999 and he is backed by the group Smallstone. Over on the flip side we have an unearthed song from 1968 entitled Zion De Gallier “Geraldine”. This was recorded at Abbey Road with Dane Stevens lead vocals, Mark Wirtz on keyboards and Mellotron, John Wood bass and Twink playing drums. www.mistylanemusic.com

Misty Lane Records have also released a cool 7” by The Mods dating from 1966 on which they deliver a couple of ace garage punk songs, their signature song “I Give You An Inch (And You Take A Mile)” and the equally brutal “You’ve Got Another Think Coming”. Both of these singles are limited to 300 individually numbered copies and the album limited to 500 copies also hand numbered. Find them all here at www.mistylanemusic.com.

Abul Mogard – And We Are Passing Through Silently. This is a collection of songs which have been reworked by Abul between 2015 and 2018. Emerging in 2012 with a much sought after cassette for Steve Moore’s VCO record label.  Abul is a synthesiser player who it is reckoned is actually another musician in disguise, various artists have been offered up from Moby through to Tim Hecker. The story goes that he is a retired metalwork factory worker from Serbia. Here he tackles songs from Aisha Devi, nick nicely, Becoming Animal, Clodagh Simonds/Brian Eno and Penelope Trappes. The songs are dense, drifting, drone filled ambient synth pieces which build and decay nicely. He shows a complete mastery of the synth and its capabilities, stretching out the songs on modular synths, Farfisa organ, samplers and digital manipulation. I hear everything from Future Sound Of London through to Tangerine Dream, I expect Wire magazine will adore him. www.houndstoothlabel.com

State Records are on a bit of a roll at the moment especially with the latest Embrooks album. They have just issued a 500 vinyl copy single by The Galileo 7 Too Late/ The World Looks Different Today. The Medway rockers, fronted by Allan Crockford, have released five or six albums so far with another due this summer; from which this limited single is taken from. Both of these tracks are exclusive to this single, the lead off track is presented in Mono and features vocals from Viv her first on a 45, cool guitars and organ with a cooking rhythm section propel this poppy song along at a fair pace and the second track is a completely different take to the version that closes out side one of the new album, a nice confection with a poppy flavour, it’s rooted in the sixties, lovely melodic harmonies, swirling organ and crunchy guitars. www.staterecords.com

Spaceship – Outcrops. Mark Williamson has a new album out and this time it will be released on vinyl. Mark has relocated to West Yorkshire and has again taken his recording equipment outside to record some of the sounds of nature in his new locale. He specialises in recording in rural locations adding found sounds to these hauntological, geophysical synthesiser recordings. For this latest release we have four tracks, the first the ‘Whirlaw Stones’ is a twelve minute drifter which builds and decays nicely. These recordings were made in a series of small caves in the upper Calder valley and Cliviger gorge. ‘Orchan Rocks’ which opens the record is slightly unsettling, ten minute song, during which we are entreated to a slowly unfurling movement by which the senses are stimulated by various sounds of nature such as crows and songbirds.  ‘Hawk Stones’ is much more animated and percussive but still informed by the sounds of the countryside. The final song ‘Bride Stones’ is another twelve plus minute song during which I’m sure I can hear the bleating of synthesised sheep, anyway the record is well suited to the vinyl format offering two tracks per side, its due to be released towards the end of May. For more information contact John Jervis @wiaiwya@hotmail.com

Datura4 – Blessed Is The Boogie. Hailing from Western Australia, the Datura4 return for a third album, which like their predecessors is released on the Alive Natural Sounds record label. Straight out of the traps we are treated to a glammy, rocking set of songs, double tracked guitars, blistering lead guitar runs, a terrific rhythm section, a few touches of wah wah, some fat open riffing, and meaty vocals by band leader Dom Mariani, who co wrote all the songs and gets to unleash and indulge in his love of the boogie, the songs are infectious, some in formed by harp, slide guitar and organ. This is boogie glam and dares you to keep your feet still, all you cats and mouses get ready, boom, boom, boom. On this record we hear Dom’s1969 black Les Paul guitar, previously owned by Sitting Bull guitarist Paul Felton. Unsubstantiated rumours claim that this magic axe may have once belonged to the legendary Daddy Cool, showing a clear arc from the birth of Australian blues rock through to this modern day classic which is informed by plenty of driving, boogie blues, think John Lee Hooker mixed with George Thorogood and the destroyers, topped off with a healthy dollop of glam rock. Out now, available from www.alive-records.com.

Just as I was going to submit these rumbles, a package has arrived from Boring Machines in Italy with three records, firstly Everest Magma – Minus Plus Escapism. This is the band’s third album, a record described as a blues for the year 3000, the record is inspired by Salvia Divinorum. It has been created using voice, acoustic guitars and various tapes and effects, I detect the harmonies of CSNY and maybe a little Cat Stevens. Also out on Boring Machines is Fabio Orsi – S/T a highly prolific artist who operates in the Dance/Electronic field. Since commencing recording in 2006 he has put out some 40 albums!  It consists of two lengthy pieces both of them 20 minutes and both untitled. Its classy, immersive, experimental, drone based electro music. Lastly we have BeMyDelay – Bloom Into Night. This is the project of Italian born Marcella Riccardi from Bologna where she bagan her career as guitarist for Massimo Delano. For this record she has focused more on acoustic folk and archaic blues. The record features Marcella: guitars, vocals and farfisa along with Dominique Vaccaro: guitars and Vittoria Burattini: drums. Along with guests, Egle Sommacal: guitars and Bruno Germano: piano.  I swear that I can also hear hammered dulcimers but upon checking it is actually a Khim played here by Egle. The songs are sung in English and are located in the spectrum of English folk and west coast rock, impassioned vocals, plenty of hazy lazy psychedelic lead guitar lines framing these songs to great effect, I’m reminded of Karen Elson and also of Jesse Sykes with her terrific vocal style. Marcella has produced an excellent record, plenty of space for the instruments to frame these never less than interesting arrangements. www.boringmachines.bandcamp.com

Burnt Paw - Lunar Vortex Incantations. Handmade cdr, with four prints.  ‘I Will Always Be A Wanderer’ was his first release, swiftly followed by an EP entitled ‘Stolen Apples Lost Crowns’. Lunar Vortex Incantations was born on the side of a hilltop under a ruined tower below a silver crescent, so says the promo sheet. ‘Diamond Fear’ the opener is a good introduction to the album coming on like Alexander Tucker, shades of Stone Breath, the playing more Jack Rose, Glenn Jones and American primitive. It’s a song about a hawk and about mortality.  His finger picked acoustic guitar style of playing, accents his laconic delivery very well. ‘Amber Cave’ sees him on a poetic but fruitless search, the song is really nice to an acoustic guitar and harmonium led tune, elsewhere there are splashes of piano. ‘Emanations’ twinkles in the atmosphere at dusk, slow and courtly, guitar playing over the top of a musical box that gradually runs out of wind. ‘Fire Maidens’ has a touch of urgency about it, more magic stones, riders and wolves, “we left our bones to the wolves” The EP ends with ‘Silver Antlers’ “the moon is rising our feathers start to glow twilight surrounds us ragged winds blow distance is calling the hills hold out their arms a crown of silver antlers to illuminate the drowning road”. Rather liking this release, it’s what they call a real grower. Andy (Burnt Paw) contacted me and said that he had just seen the line up for the woolf festival and said they were all artists he loves and he would love to attend but being way up north it might be difficult but he will try. He asked if he could send me CD, well I’m very glad he did because it’s just the kind of thing that Ptolemaic Terrascope has highlighted over the years.  Find it here. https://burntpaw.bandcamp.com

Until next time, happy trails - Andrew Young.


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