The well-earned retirement of long-standing Terrascope Online Reviews Editor Simon Lewis has led to us considering some changes regarding our overall Reviews Policy.

Andrew Young is our new point of contact. Andrew can be reached at:

4, Fennel Close, Burpham, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1YE (England)

Andrew can be emailed at

Ian Fraser remains our senior reviewer. Ian is more than happy to accept downloads and electronic press kits. You can contact Ian by emailing him at the following address: .

The overall editor of the Terrascope is Phil McMullen, however please note that Phil these days primarily works on the Terrascopaedia, which being a letterpress publication, ONLY reviews analogue (vinyl and cassette) releases, and only comes out twice a year at most.

Phil McMullen

Editor, the Terrascope

37 Sandridge Road


Wiltshire SN12 7BQ