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Who do we send our recordings to for you to review on Terrascope Online?

Andrew Young is our primary point of contact for all physical releases (CDs, LPs, cassettes, etc). Andrew can be reached at:

Terrascope Reviews, 4, Fennel Close, Burpham, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1YE (England)

Andrew can be emailed at

or the standard email address will be redirected to him as well.

Terrascope Online also has a Facebook page : click here

The overall director of Terrascope Online, the Terrascope Audio Entertainments events and the Terrastock Festivals remains Phil McMullen; however please note that Phil these days primarily amuses himself with the Terrascopaedia, which being a letterpress publication, only reviews analogue (vinyl and cassette) releases, and only comes out twice a year at most.

Phil McMullen

37 Sandridge Road


Wiltshire SN12 7BQ




What's happening with the magazine these days?


Following a brief sojurn overseas, the Ptolemaic Terrascope Magazine ceased publication altogether in 2005.

The Terrascopaedia magazine, a letterpress publication printed and published by the Ptolemaic Press, was first published in 2012. There have been 9 issues to date.

The Terrascopaedia has its own website, here:


Will there be another Terrastock or Woolf Music festival?

Yes! See the events page for more details:

Terrascope Events

A history of the Terrastock festivals may be found by visiting the Terrastock home page, here